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How to win at Roulette

You know you’re really in ill luck when you can’t win a casino game named after a French word. Nothing can be quite simple, right? Wrong. The game of roulette takes more than sheer luck to master. And let’s face it. We’re all in it to win. Whether it’s for the money, attention or the enormous thrill.

The enchantment is not overwhelming. No. Anything to shoot up the adrenaline is definitely most welcome. Especially if it’s roulette. If you’ve been unsuccessful at it, then you’re not alone. You probably looked at one or more websites trying to answer a million-dollar question. Different algorithms and software have been designed to answer the question. How to win at roulette? Let me show you how with these tips.

Practice Before Playing

This is particularly good for new players and those without much experience. Practicing before playing a game of roulette will increase your confidence levels. Also, you get to understand the game better. At a free table, you can ‘spy’ on others while working on your own game. Again, practicing helps you relax and go with the flow. At the main game, your decision-making will be less impulsive.

If you can’t spot a free table or don’t have access to one, go online! There are many websites and software applications to help you settle right into the game in ‘free mode.’ Others will simply teach you how to win at roulette.

Wait For A Couple Of Spins

This is a crucial but often understated part of playing roulette. It’s okay to observe players or casino staff spin the wheel. This is something the professionals do so well. You may feel gutsy and willing to stake your bet but be patient. While the wheel spins check for any slight hint of bias. This helps you blend in well with other players. You’re not going to ask them how to win at roulette. Are you?

When you notice a biased wheel, go for it. This is not easy to spot because the wheel is spun more times than you can count. Study the wheel and pick up on recurring numbers or group of numbers. It takes time but its definitely worth it.

Always Play Within Your Bankroll.

This is a very hard thing to do. It’s not uncommon to see players constantly going at it. Making wagers and generally leaving you a bit intimidated. Don’t worry about what the next player is wagering and don’t follow that pattern. Casinos are not interested in your personality. They only want your money. You can’t keep doling out the cash and figuring out how to win at roulette.

If you’ve come to a roulette table with a pre-planned bankroll, stick to it. Only wager what you can afford to let go of. The temptation will always set in and if there’s more booze than necessary, you’d be lucky to get cab fare home. Like most professionals would say, knowing when to stop is a skill in itself.

Play The European Roulette.

No player likes to have their chances of winning diminished. That’s what the American roulette will do to you. The extra 00 slot on the American wheel and number row, makes it difficult to win and maintain a streak. This gap in probable outcome is reflected in the house edge which makes it much easier to win at European roulette.

The American casino roulette increases the chances of the casino winning. Not yours. If a choice is presented, know which to go for.

Follow The ‘En Prison’ Rule.

This offers a player a good chance to make profits. If a player lands the zero pocket while his money is on the evens bet, he can decide to lose half of the bet and leave the rest as it is. He can also make the decision of losing the bet entirely. In other words, it cuts the house edge into two. These types of outcomes are called ‘even-money’ bets and pay one-to-one.

Take Out Your Winnings.

When you win a certain amount on a wager, do well to take out your profit before wagering again. For instance, you stake €200 with an expected outcome of €400 and won. That means you achieved a profit of €200 aside your initial wager. Withdraw this amount into your account. Once you’ve done that, continue playing with your original wager. Chances are, you can’t lose the game. It will only even up. That’s how to win at roulette.

This strategy is easy to learn and follow. You don’t have to let greed get the better of you. Staking all you’ve got, your original wager and profit would be foolish. Apart from helping you protect your profits, the feeling of having won something is positive. It can only get better from there.

Be Focused And Keep Your Eyes On The Table

A great player who knows how to win at roulette is always focused at the table. Even when you’re not playing yet, keeping an eye on things will help you in the long run. Take note of numbers, colors, who’s spinning the wheel and frequent outcomes. Also, keep track of your game. Especially your previous score and profit margins. All the information gathered will help you predict future rounds. Nobody was born with an inbred skill for roulette. You have to be an active learner to break the bank.

Pick A Strategy That Works For You.

Every winner has a winning formula. Some players choose to double-up after a loss in other to recover their lost wager. The caveat about this strategy is having more money to keep chasing your losses. Another strategy is the the grand martingale where a player doubles-up and adds another unit to the wager. The D’Alembert strategy is safe because you increase or decrease by one rather than doubling-up. Other notable strategies are the fibonacci roulette strategy, reverse martingale. The James Bond ‘fool proof’ roulette strategy is also an option.

In conclusion, always follow the pattern you understand and are more comfortable with. Unless you learn better tips on how to win at roulette. The game is every bit as random as a pin in a haystack. So take a chill once in a while to evaluate before diving back in and if you want to get more indepth tips on betting, do stick around here


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