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Why most systems lose

The main reason why most of the Roulette Systems lose is that the Casino has an “house edge” 2,7% at European tables with single zero and 5,2% at American Roulette tables with double zeros.

People have tried many different Roulette Systems and Strategies that eventually won´t work in a long run.

The most famous Roulette Strategies that won´t work..

1. Martingale

This system uses betting progression which require a player to increase, double the bets after every loss. For example, player bets 10$ on red, the black wins so the player has to double the bet on red 20$ to cover the previous loss and make a profit. This kind of betting strategy won´t last long because we have seen red or black is winning atleast 18 consecutive times. So in that case you just blow up your bankroll and lose the game. 

2. Fibonacci Betting System

This system has been attracting attention to many people who saw this as a good strategy to win and can be used in Roulette playing.

So to use Fibonacci Strategy you have to follow the number sequence by start betting with a bet of one and play all the way through this sequence. In case you lose, you need to take another (next) number in the sequence and continue betting. But in case you win, you will just take 2 numbers back from your previous betting amount.

3. D.Alembert Betting Strategy

This betting method is similar to Martingale betting system but its much safer to play.

The main principle of this system is pretty simple: you have to increase your bets when losing and decrease when winning. But instead of double your bets, you just add 1 unit after every loss.

This kind of betting strategy helps you save the bankroll and control your losses.


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